Rubber Packing

The most popular rubber packing for hydraulic cylinders. Can be used for pistons and rods. Can be installed in single grooves.

MARKETS : Water & food, Semi-conductor, Medical and others.

Characteristics : Dust-proof, Seal, Water-proof, Oil-proof and special liquid-proof.

Rubber washer are flat rubber circles with center holes to accommodate fasterners or allow fluids to pass through.Washers prevent leaks,vibration for thick rubber washers. Rubber washers are used in a wide variety of mechanical coomponets including plumbing,computers and electric motors for excellent insulators.

Compression Injection& transfer molding.

Over 600 items now.

Comply with static, dynamic and rotary application.            

* Material:EPDM, ACM, CR, SBR, FPM, NBR, HNBR, NR, Silicone and IIR.