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Gasket & Diaphragm

Rubber washer is dedined as a threaded fastner disk made of rubber with a hole in a middle. Rubber washer are used in taps or valves where they act as the seal that prevent or closes the flow of liquid or gas. Rubber washer commonly used for sealing of flagnes. Rubber gasket is used to stop fluid or gas leake by providing a barrier or a seal between two mating surfaces.

MARKETS : Semi-conductor, Water & Food, Medical, Hydraulic & Pneumatic and others.

MATERIAL:NBR, HNBR, EPDM, CR, SBR, FPM, NR, silicone, ACM, IIR and others.

Rubber gasket packing is also called rubbber gasket.Rubber packing is a kind of sealing material for sealing pipe joint 、valve and machine between water and air.Rubber packing have oil resistance、 anti-oil reasistacne、 heat resistance and weather resistance requirements.

Compression Injection & transfer molding.

Diaphragm rubber with fabric reinforced(thickness>=0.3mm)

Over 800 items now.

Comply with static, dynamic and rotary application.