• Rubber custom seal
  • Silicone keypads
  • Custom min-min parts
  • Custom rubber parts

Rubber custom seal

Manufacturing custom gaskets is Chien Chie competence.We do custom gaskets for different applications.
For protecting edges on panels, doors, glass, etc. It is also suitable for making a glass rubber seal around glass in Aluminium window channels.
ChienChie company in the sealed components of a professional team, for customers to do the analysis, and the characteristics of the rubber accurately used in the components with the product that is to enhance the quality and image to create a win-win situation.
We have over 35 years experience manufacturing rubber gasket seal for a wide of range industries

MARKETS : Hydraulic & Pneumatic、 Water & food、Oil & Gas、Medical and others.

Characteristics : Insulation、Conductive、Water-proof and Heat-resistant.

MATERIAL : NBR、HNBR、 EPDM、CR、SBR、FPM、NR、Silicone and others.

※ We have a professional team for hydraulic seals products.
※ Product : Silicone keypads、Silicone bracelets、racket vibration system(RVS)、Rubber foot/pad、engine oil-proof gasket、dust seal….etc.
※ Customer design mold (ODM/OEM).