Semi-conductive Rubber Products

Semi-conductive rubber is commonly accomplished by distributing carbon or other conductive particles throughout the raw material prior to setting it.This allows the flow of electricity through and volume resistivity 10 6-9 Ω. TCCR develops and produces custom-made semi-conductive products for different industry.The semi-conductive rubber material are NBR、SILICONE、VITON...and so on. 

Rubber custom seals

Rubber seals are widely applied for automotive industry.Automotive rubber seal almost use EPDM material for ageing resistance、heat resistance、abrasion resistance.

Custom rubber seals

An O-ring ,also known as a paking,is a mechanical gasket in the shape of torus. O-ring gasket designed to be seated compressed during assembly between two or more parts, creating a seal at the interface.
O ring gasket are the most commonly used machine seals, and are also used for pump shafts and hydraulic cylinders.
Chien Chie Rubber carries a inventory of rubber gasket sheet material in custom seals and parts.
ChienChie company in the sealed components of a professional team, for customers ...