professional o ring manufacturers and rubber seal manufacturers

Chien Chie rubber technology co.,ltd is a,Taichung city in Taiwan, o-ring manufacturer and custom molded rubber parts. We do EP,NBR,FKM, SILICONE,HNBR,NR,SBR,ACM,IIR,AEM and PU o rings.

Rubber seals are specially-shaped rubber tools that are used to contain the contents of a container or enclosure or to prevent the contamination of that enclosure.Rubber seal manufacturers,Chien Chie Rubber!

Chien Chie rubber is an ISO 9001:2015 certified compnay. We offer different kinds of seals to meet out customer specific parts requirements. we are not only manufacturer but also designer and distributor.

1984: Starting rubber seal manufacturers and rubber suppliers at Da-du district in Taichung.

1999 in July: Buying the first automated hydraulic press.

2003 in March: Eastablishment Chien-chie rubber enterprise.

2005 in January: Buying vacuum hydraulic press.

2008 in May: Add another automated hydraulic press.

2010 in January: For products diversification, we have changed the company name as Chien-chie rubber technology CO., LTD.

2011 in October: Expand new factory buildings. (Estimate year 2013 in DEC finished)

2013 in January :Move to new factory at Long Jing industrial zone for expand business.

2013 in January :Buy new type mixing mill and electric reach truck.

2013 in July: Buy injection molding machine and vaccum hydraulic press.

2013 in December: Buy new type post-cure oven.

2014 in June: Buy new type grinder machine.

2014 in September: Got ISO9001:2008 certificate.

2016 in September: Buy injection molding machine.

2017 in july : Buy rubber edges processing machine.

2017 in August: ISO9001:2015 license revision and get ISO 9001:2015 certified.

2017 in December: Buying vacuum hydraulic press.

2019 in October: Buying Keyence image dimension measuring system.

2020 in March: Buying vertical rubber injection molding machine(F.I.F.O.)

2020 in August: Get ISO 9001:2015 certified.