professional o ring manufacturers and rubber seal manufacturers
Chien Chie is a global o ring manufacturers and custom molded rubber parts.

1984: Starting rubber seal manufacturers and rubber suppliers at Da-du district in Taichung.

1999 in July Buying the first automated hydraulic press.

2003 in March Eastablishment Chien-chie rubber enterprise.

2005 in January Buying vacuum hydraulic press.

2008 in May Add another automated hydraulic press.

2010 in January For products diversification, we have changed the company name as Chien-chie rubber technology CO., LTD.

2011 in October Expand new factory buildings. (Estimate year 2013 in DEC finished)

2013 in January : Move to new factory at Long Jing industrial zone for expand business.

2013 in January : Buy new type mixing mill.

2013 in July Buy injection molding machine and vaccum hydraulic press.

2013 in December: Buy new type post-cure oven.

2014 in June: Buy new type grinder machine.

2014 in September: Got ISO9001:2008 certificate.

2016 in September: Buy injection molding machine.

2017 in july : Buy rubber edges processing machine.

2017 in August: ISO9001:2015 license revision and get ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Rubber seals are specially-shaped rubber tools that are used to contain the contents of a container or enclosure or to prevent the contamination of that enclosure.Rubber seal manufacturers,Chien Chie Rubber!