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Rubber Products Manufacturers produce Custom Rubber Products

  • Chien Chie specializes in creating custom rubber products and elastomeric solutions that other manufacturers may not be able to make.
  • O-rings, o-ring gaskets, rubber gasket seal, bushings, grommets, vacuum cups, packings, rubber seals, o ring seal and customer design seals etc.
  •          Established in 1984, Chien Chie Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. is a veteran company specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality rubber products for industrial applications, including automotive parts, bathroom accessories, gardening parts, sporting equipment, electrical components, customized production, and others. Chien Chie industrial rubber products Pushing Innovation in Pneumatic & Metric Sealing for Over 35 Years. A leading OEM rubber products manufacturers for industrial markets, specializing in electronics, automotive, and water & food applications.

    With strong design and development capability, we offer a wide-range of product types, mainly o-ring, oil-seal, vacuum cups, gaskets, boots, bushing, formed hose, rubber washer, packing and custom rubber seals.

    Our company is insistent on adopting American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards and using the best materials for making quality products, including NBR, HNBR, EPDM, CR, SBR, FPM, NR, Silicone, FPM and IIR. In addition to standard products, the company also accepts orders on the OEM / ODM (original equipment/design manufacturer) basis, as well as special requirements for oil-, acid-, alkaline-, high/low temperature-, isolation, water-, fire-, dust-, slip-proof applications.

    Chienchie not only offers brand-new injection molding and vacuum type compression molding machines for rubber products, but also provides a fully developed 2D / 3D design for custom-made rubber molding.

    ChienChie aims to meet several major goals, including steady product and production-technique R&D, prompt delivery, upgrading quality, and a full range of services to help achieve sustainable operation.

    Industrial rubber products are in great demand in various industrial applications such as automotive、construction 、medical 、mechanical and so on. Many different rubber polymers are used in industrial rubber products such as NBR、SBR、EPDM、CR、IIR and FKM.

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    Chien Chie Rubber, rubber supplier, manufactures your rubber product to order from your chosen material.