Water & food

Water & Food industry

Yuansheng Rubber has been committed to producing all kinds of food and drinking water grade rubber products for many years.Suitable for all types of food (FDA) and NSF grades of nozzles and gaskets.The scope of drinking water certification includes commercial food processing equipment, water supply system piping and fittings, water purifiers, drinking water chemical treatment agents, bottled water, swimming pool and bath water quality and equipment, microbiological testing equipment and wastewater treatment and recycling systems. Wait.EPDM, NBR, CR, NR, SBR, etc. of the main sulfur system often use accelerators containing nitrosamines, and drinking water certifications such as NSF in Germany, KTW in Germany, etc., have specifications to nitrosamines. substance.Diet is an important part of daily life, and the quality and safety of products that come into contact with food are the concerns of current consumers. Yuansheng Rubber develops materials that comply with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food regulations to ensure the quality and safety of food contact materials.