Custom Seals

※ We have a professional team for hydraulic seals products.
※ Product : Silicone keypads、Silicone bracelets、racket vibration system(RVS)、Rubber foot/pad、engine oil-proof gasket、dust seal….etc.

Rubber custom seal

Rubber gasket are elastic components used for mechanicallly sealing the microscopic gap between mating surfaces or joints.Rubber gasket seal is cheap and easy to manufacture.Gasket rubber can use different material types for every applications such as piping and pipe fittings、water utility and plumbing、automotive、aerospace、marine、containers 、food and drug.Gasket can resist all kinds of chemical and environmental attacks.

Custom rubber seals

An O-ring ,also known as a paking,is a mechanical gasket in the shape of torus. O-ring gasket designed to be seated compressed during assembly between two or more parts, creating a seal at the interface.
O ring gasket are the most commonly used machine seals, and are also used for pump shafts and hydraulic cylinders.
Chien Chie Rubber carries a inventory of rubber gasket sheet material in custom seals and parts.
ChienChie company in the sealed components of a professional team, for customers ...